Monday, December 9, 2013

This week has been a very long week for me and Elder Helbig in more ways than one. I will get to all of that soon enough. Let me start from the beginning.
We started our week doing all of our proselyting before we have our p-day. We went by some potential and actually got some potentials that day. The reason why we did our proselyting time in the morning first is because it is harder to do it during the end of the day. Its getting darker faster and people are not as likely to talk when it’s dark. We did our time of proselyting and then from there we did our p-day. Last week we, along with the Sisters, went to the weinnachtsmarkt here in Germany. It was alot of fun; got some small things with the little bit of personal money I had left. But I won’t tell you more because I will show in an upcoming letter.
The rest of the week started and the week for us was a little slow. Most of our investigators were all out of town so we could not meet with them this week. Most of our time was spent finding more people that we could teach. We actually did a really good job on that front. Elder Helbig and I found 6 people this week that want to learn more. That was really good this week. We did not get to many lessons.
One of our investigators came back and we had an appointment set up with him for Saturday. But out of nowhere, Elder Helbig got really sick. I mean really sick. He threw up about 9 times the whole day and because he was so sick I could not leave the apartment. That was a little bit harder because we had to cancel our appointment. We did set another one for tomorrow. But then all of a sudden that night I got really sick. I threw up only twice. So I did not get it as bad as Elder Helbig, but I was still pretty darn sick. I was not going to let that stop me. We had appointments to go to and church to go to. So I kept going. Yesterday was a very long day because I was just so tired from the long night that I had. But we had a really good lesson and all went well. I am doing great right now. I am totally back to normal and all is moving forward.
I heard that Jessi is doing great in the MTC and that she is doing well there in her first week. She sent me an email as I am positive she did the same for you. I am so happy to hear that she is doing well. I can’t wait to see the pictures in the mail.
I do have to go. The district is going to the Munich Weinnachtsmarkt tonight and we only have an hour for emails
Till next week, Elder Martinez
Pday in the Augsburg Christmas Market

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