Monday, December 30, 2013

A baptism schedule for January

Well mom its already been another week. I believe I have said that about five hundred times since the start of my mission, but it is so true. Weeks fly so fast that I can’t really remember all that happened. Let me tell you, right now that is not the case this week. I have alot to say.
To start off, when we departed from our skype we had dinner with our member family and had a really great time. I met Elder Helbig’s family and then when the time came we went ahead and left for home. We had several appointments throughout the week and most of them were eating appointments. They were all really fun. But I want to talk about one in particular. I told you about a man named Ralph when we skyped. I told you that we hoped to get a baptismal date with him pretty soon. Well, we invited him over to a members house for an eating appointment and he was more than happy to come. He offered to drive us there so we accepted. Right as we got into the car he told us that he prayed and that he wanted to get baptized on the 18th of January. We were so shocked we did not know what to say. All I could do was just smile and thank our Heavenly Father for the great blessing and miracle that happened. We had a great eating appointment and he was bearing his testimony the whole time. That day was amazing. Now fast forward to Sunday he came to church and we had a small lesson with him after church. We showed him the font and then told him how it was going to happen and also went through the baptismal questions with him. He answered all the questions with his heart and it was going so great. Then Elder Helbig told him that he could choose who baptized him. He looked at me and said I want Elder Martinez to do it because he was with me from the beginning and he said that it was my testimony that made him ponder and think about all that we said to him during the lessons. So mom and dad, I will be baptizing Ralph on the 18th of January. I am excited and a little nervous because I will performing the ordinance in German. I have to say and pronounce everything correct. I am so ready. I know that the Lords hand was with us this last week and I am so grateful for all that we have been given. I am so happy right now.
The rest of the week went by pretty awesome and we had a great Christmas. It has been the best so far in my life. We will also be spending New Years with members. I am also looking forward to it.
Mom, about having dads friends over for dinner, that is so cool. You do not know how happy it makes me feel when I hear my own family getting involved in the work of the Lord. But I have one suggestion: when you invite the family over for dinner, invite the missionaries over as well. the missionaries will not be intrusive about the gospel they will show that the gospel is for everybody. Don’t be scared, the Lords hand will be with you and guide you if you decide to do it. Please let me know how it goes whether you invite them or not.
I love you all and I hope that you all have a good week. We are going to be very busy but with the Lords help we do it. I love you all so much and until next week, your son,
Elder Martinez

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