Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanks, companion for making missionary work fun!

Hallo alle meine familie,
This email will not be as long, simply because I don’t have a lot of time to write really long emails anymore. But I will do all I can to tell you all about what happened this week.
I did get a new companion this week. A lot has changed and a lot has happened. I am now working with Elder Helbig. In just the short time that we have been together, I have learned how to make missionary work so much fun. He is just always making jokes and just being funny. It is so nice to finally laugh. A little bit about him is that, he only has about 3 months left and he does not want to go home. He is so committed to this work that he just can’t think of going back; which is nice because I was really scared that he was going to be hard to work with because he would be thinking of home all the time. But that is the last thing that he does. He is simply the funniest elder that I have been able to work with so far on my mission.
With all of that being said, I did have to take over all the area because Elder Helbig is new to Augsburg. With this week alone I have spoken more German and talked to more people then I did my whole first two transfers. Simply because I need to do most of the talking because Elder Helbig has not been here before. He speaks really good German, but he does not know the people and investigators so I have to talk and explain things to all of them. I can already see my German improving and my vocabulary getting better.
We got another baptism date this week. That means we have two for Dec 28. I was so excited when I got that date this week. I know the Lord’s hand is in all things, especially his work. We hope that in the coming weeks we can get another with a wonderful investigator we have been teaching.
The Elders and the Sisters did have a small dinner with a member. It was definitely not thanksgiving dinner, but it was still nice to sit down and relax for an hour. But then we had to get back to work because we had some people to go by and visit.
I am excited for this coming week, miracles happen every day, you just have to look for them. I love all of you and I know Jessi is going to do well on Wednesday, but I write to her personally. Mom I love you and you walk with me always.
Till next week, your son, Elder Martinez

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