Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Week 5 - August 28

Elder Martinez and roomates

Elder Packer and Elder Martinez memorizing

Elders and Sisters in the district
So, I was awake early in the morning and couldn't sleep. I was anticipating the letter that would arrive soon. I then had a thought, and took a chance to see if Elder Martinez was on line. It was 5:11 am in Logan and 12:07 pm in Preston, England.

"I'm awake...you there?"

"Mom, are you there?"

"I am Poo! I am!"

Halo mama, wie gates es ienen"

I never sleep on Tuesday nights cause I know your thinking of me somwhere in England.

Oh ya, for sure I could figure that but it's about 12:15 pm out here in Chorley what time is it in Logan?

Are you reading all you emails?

Ya, I am trying to read all them but its hard because I really want to talk to you more. Oh, and I did get the package yesterday. It was the best moment of the MTC so far.

Than print it off and read later. Lets talk. Dads at work. Just you and me right now.

OK, well what do you want to know? I only have thirty minutes to talk but I need the other thirty to write emails.:)

Yea! Which scarf did you like the best? I hope you enjoy the treats. I have another box ready to go today. Anything specific in it you want?

To tell you the truth I love both of them all the same. I just love having them, they remind me of home and whats waiting for me at home. Yes I do enjoy the treats. Especially all my roomate elders. Oh and did Jessi like her socks that I gave her?

Are you taking lots of pictures? When will you get the notice of where you will be transferred to? I have the address of the mission home, so I will send your package there.

I am taking as much as I can. I really don't have that much time to take pictures or to carry my camera with me. Im really trying to learn the language more so that I can have an edge when I get to Germany. I don't know what my first transfer will be yeat but by this time next week I will find out by being there. Did Jessi like her socks?

Well then you keep doing the right thing and learn that language! Don't worry about pictures. You will get the language because you have a strong desire, a strong will, and mind. It's what you've alway wanted. It will be wierd that in two years you will forget English! She loves the socks. She has worn them non stop since they came in the mail. I have read my letter several times. I love sharing them with gma and gpa. Gma can't wait to make skirts for Jessi for her mission.

Oh that's awesome.I am so glad that she loves them. I saw them and just had to get them for the because they reminded me of here. I have not really had a chance to really shop for anything but when I find stuff I will for sure send them home. I have another package that I will send away today and I will put some England chocolate in there for the family.

Ya it will!  I do have to go because I got more emails to write and to talk to more people and I only have about thirty minutes to do it. I love you mom and I can't wait to hear more from you. This will be the last time I can email you for about two weeks because next pday I will be flying to Germany. But when I am out in the field, my pday will be on Monday. So I will talk to you then. Remember the hymn "Till we Meet Again", Love you and miss you. The picture of me and Elder Packer is of us two planning for an investigator at the temple. The wierd red one is of us in our classroom and we got tired of speaking and learning German so we just played with our cameras for about five minutes!

I love you too, Poo. I can't wait to hear where you are going. Love you....click, he was off.

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