Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23, 2013 - 3rd week

I cannot believe that it has been another week and I am already at this computer and talking to you again. Well lets me first tell you that I still have no idea where Jessi is going on her mission. I have alot of emails about how cool it was and I have an MTC date where is she going? Ich Weiss ist Nicht? So if I could be told by somebody that would be cool.
All is well in Germany, and my little city of Augsburg. Meeting lots of people and talking and teaching alot. But it still amazes me that no day so far sense I have been on my mission has gone exactly to plan. Either we have met somebody new or we have had an unseen lesson given or we have had to deal with things within the ward. But all of this makes the days and weeks go by so fast. I can’t believe that tomorrow well be two months into my mission. Oh ya I am getting up there. But let me give a rundown of what I did this week.
Right after I got done with my emails and I sent out my letters me and Elder Evans and the sisters went to a very old cathedral, and when I say old I mean old. It has been there since 773. That’s pretty old. We went and walked around and it was georgous. I have pictures and will put them in another email. After that we went and got some food and got most of my winter clothes. All and all it was a great p-day.
The week started and we were teaching people and doing what we do best teaching the restored gospel. All of a sudden we get a call from a sister saying that we need to come to the church. We get there and we meet a man named Amedeo. He is from Italy and does he have a story. He came here on vacation and while he was here his wife divorced him and froze all his money and credit cards and he had no way to get back home. He was in complete and total distress and he could not speak a word of German. We as missionary’s tried to help him as best we can. But when Mark Anderson said that Italians loved to talk and they have no sense of personal space he was right. He loves to talk and very fast at that and he is right in your face when he does it. But he is a very nice guy and we are helping him get by. He is stuck here until Wednesday so we will meet and teach him until then.
The week kept going on and it came to Sunday and like I said, I had to give a 10 minute talk on faith all in German. I was so scared. Me and elder Evans spent all morning working on my pronunciation and everything. I felt ready. It came to the talk and as I looked out at our tiny 50 member ward all fear left and I just began to talk. As my talk came to the end I read a scripture. I read what I thought was Ether 12:7 but as I began to read I realized that I was reading Ether 11: 7. I will let you read and find out what I said but needless to say the scripture I read was not on faith. Oh well. Up to that point my talk was good. The whole ward after sacrament meeting was over came and congratulated me on the talk. I don’t think it mattered but still I was somewhat embarrassed. After that we had a member meal and we had to drive a whole hour in order to get to their house. Because we gave to give of a lesson after dinner, we got stuck in the dorf. We had to stay there another three hours because buses only run twice a day in the smaller dorfs. That’s ok we had more food.
As the weeks go on and as I keep going and teaching more people I grow and learn everyday that I am out here. I love my mission I could not have picked a better place to serve gods children. I got your letter and I loved it more than I can say those things brighten your day just a little more. I do have to go because me and elder Evans have a lesson to teach but I love you and I cannot wait to hear where she is going.
Love and miss you all but I have got more work to do so until we talk next week.
Elder Martinez
P.S Guess what I am doing next p-day? Me and the whole district are going to Octoberfeast. Can you say Lederhosen. hahah cant wait.

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