Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Last post from Preston England MTC

Hello All my Family,

This is going to be my last email update from the Preston England MTC. The past six weeks have gone by so fast and I can't believe that it is already gone. But I don't know how it went for you guys, maybe it went by fast or slow. Let me give you a run down of what I already know is going to happen: When I leave for Germany next Wednesday. I will leave at about ten in the aftenoon and I will be on a one hour flight from Manchester to Munich, Germany. There the mission president will meet me and all of the other Alpine mission Elders and Sisters and from there wel will go to the Munich mission home and we will stay there for the night. The next day we will leave for our areas and then we will get to work. I don't know what area yet, but I will tell you as soon as I find out. I have a filling that it will be Austria. In case you didn't, know Americans can not get visas for Swtizerland. They must really hate Americans. Oh well who doesn't now adays.  The group of missionaries that are in the MTC right now are the funnest that I have met. Especially the ones from Germany and China that can't speak English. The only thing they can say is I love you. But maybe that all they need to say. Let me tell all of you that I am really nervous getting out into the field. It is going to be really hard especially when the language I will more than likely not undestand. But I know that I never walk alone. I know that I will always have a third companion, and that companion will always be the most important. I love you all and I cant wait till the next time I can get on. Dont forget to keep writing me and sending me emails. Especially sending me hard copies of all my family. I love getting them. The next time I can get on is a week from Monday. That will be my first pday from the field and I bet will have alot to tell you at the point. Until then, Elder Martinez

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