Monday, November 4, 2013

Lederhosen, pretzels, Linkin Park, and blessings in the simplest things


Pretzel and weiswurst
This picture tells the story

I learned this week that blessings come from the strangest places and people.....when you simply pray for them.
We have an investigator and he is quit a character. He is about 55 years old, he smokes like a chimney, he is a manic depressant, and he cannot see how this gospel can bless him. Needless to say he is a very hard investigator to work with. I first met him my third day in the field and I was so scared of him. Simply because of the way he looks and acts. He is a very sad person and you can see it just from looking at him. I know he does not sound very nice but he is the most gentle person that you will ever meet, and he can see that he needs this gospel, he just can’t figure out how the gospel applies to him. He does do one thing very well, he can see how this is the true gospel and how everyone needs to have it in his or her life. We get a referral from him about every week. Most of the time, they don’t go anywhere nor they don’t even meet with us. This week we got another from him and needless to say we went into the appointment that he set up for us a little skeptical. This man was so nice and ready for the gospel. Right there in that lesson he became a new investigator and his friend walked in and also wanted to hear the lesson as well. Blessings do come from the strangest places and people. You just need to pray for them and seek them. This event is really what we needed this week.
I was finally able to get my lederhosen this week and I love it so much. Elder evens has one and we wore them as we at pretzel and weiswurst. That drink that I am drinking in the picture is called Lift. The best drink in the world. It is carbonated apple juice and it is soooo good. I have it atleast once a week. It is my Mtndew of Dautchland. Except it has no caffeine in it.
To answer the questions of your last email we do have fast food, but all we have is McDonalds and Burger King, and lots of pizza but not your pizza hut, or other chains they are all homemade and so much better. We don’t have it too often but they are so good when we do.
This coming p-day we will be doing something so cool. There is a castle here in Germany called Neuschwanstein. Disney used it as there model for the Cinderella castle. I will have the opportunity to see it in my lederhosen. The whole district will go and all will be wearing there lederhosens and or drindles. It will be alot of fun.
The work keeps moving forward and the days keep flying by so fast, sometimes you lose track of what day it is and you have to take five minutes before you go to bed and just look back at what you have done. But not too long because there is more work to be done.
I love and miss you all, till next week, Elder Martinez
P.S. the picture of me next to the Linkin park poster is of me being sad because there new album is out and I can’t listen to it. Oh well, maybe in 20 months.
Lederhosen and Lift

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