Friday, August 30, 2013

Week 1, July 31, 2013

Hello from england! hahaha! well let me tell you that it has been a really interesting week from when we got on the plan to now when i am writing this email to. so why dont i just start from the beggining. y zer gut fur die ine der familie. ya wunderbar! well when i left and i went to my gate i sate there for about twenty minutes until elder packer came and met me there. when we saw we already knew who eachother were because of you guys and missionary moms. but we left and right from the get go i was excited. we got on our way and one of the sturidest on the plan asked us about what we were doing and why we had suits on a plan. we were able to get to talk to here and were able to give here a book of mormon and she said that she was going to look up the missionarys in Georgia because she had herd alot of good things about the church.

as we got into georgia we got delayed at the gate and we had to sprint to the terminal and it turns out that they had waited about ten minutes just for us because the ticket had missionarys for church of jusus christ of latter day saints on it, and they wanted the flight to be protected so they decided to wait for us. it seems that no matter were you are you are recignized for the things that the church an missionarys do for everybody. it really lets you know that the spirit and heavinly father walks with all of his missionarys. as the eight hour flight went on and the stinkey russian that i was sitting next was snoring and farting away that was when i had my first "what am i doing"moments. it was hard but i got through it. we got into manchester and everbody was talking to us and asking us questions in the line to get through boarder control, they asked us why we were there or why we would give up two years to do this work, it was really cool and they were all really friendly about and they all whished us "the best of luck americans"
we got to the mtc and you have to remember that i have been awake for about 24 hours at this point but in england it was only 12 in the afternoon. so by the time we got done with oriantation, getting my companion writing home to let you know i got here safe to the time i actually got to bed, i was awake for anout 48 hours. to me it really seemed like just one long day not really two, i was one day behind for a couple days.

as i said before elder Packer is my companion and he is really cool, me and him have alot of views that are the same and we just work well together. in our room there are two other companionships so six of us all together. we have one from north whales, from england, canada, germany, and us from the U.S.A. a kind of league of nations if you will say. they are all funny, especially the one from north whales, because he sleep talkes in english, whelsh and more recently german. haha
there are about 17 of us that are going to the aline german speaking mission. they come from all over the world mom. we even have an elder from china that is going to the alpine mission. we have our section in the luch room just for our mission where we are only allowed to pray talk and converse in german. the first dinner was pretty quit. but we are all learning fast. we are already having fluint conversations in german and its only been about a week. we are teaching two investigators(practice investigators) complete lessons in german, not as easy as it sounds because we can understand them and we have the spirit and the message in our hearts but we just dont know how to say it in german. its very frustrating. but we have one of them thinking of baptism and the othere we have a date set up and we are just teaching him lessons now. we be doing something right.

as we got deeper into the week, i had some harder days where i a hard me with the language or i just felt like my mind was mush because we study every single day for hours. we wake up by 6:30 and get ready, breakfeist by 7:00 then we study until about 9:30 p.m. it was hard especially on sunday, i really missed you guys and i was just ready to be done already. but i read a scripture that i just opened up and it really moved me. it told me that as you go foward and seek god in your mind and also have the spirit walk with all the time, you will be watched and protected and comforted. it gave that little boost that i needed. i have gotten alot bettter i still miss you but i am getting more and more excited. especially to just get in the feild.

i am learning alot that is opening my mind to alot of things, but the topic that moved me the most was that the lord gave us agencey. we all have choices in this life. to be good to be bad. to follow him or to fall away. we have agency and we can all choose. as missionays we have the opertunity to bring all unto christ by helping them recieve the restored gospel of jesus christ but they have to except. we can not force them to do what we want. we have to let them have there agency. to make them do something would make take away there agency that is what the advesary would have it. It made me think of family and friends how they choosing the path they are on. They have agency and they can choose. We have to love them and just be examples. Heavenly Father will help them and will show them the way to go.

My time is running out and I have to go but I do have to say this, send me a Chicago blackhawks scarf. Get it off amazon. If you would, that would be awesome because everbody has scarfs that are from there country and I need a blackhawks scarf. We do have peanut butter but they import it from America just for us. So, not really, but right now we do. Tell people to write me. Tell Mikey and everbody because I dont have time to read them all but I do have time to print them off and read them later. Last words. as we were walking to the temple one day a small British boy came up to me and said his name was Charlie. He said the because of boys with the white shirts and suits and name tags, his family will be together forever. He said thank you to me in his little british accent and said bye to me.

You need to charish the small things.

Talk to next week

Love your son,Poo.

elder martinez der kirche jesu christi der heiligen der letzten tage.

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