Friday, August 30, 2013

Elder Martinez - Preston, England MTC, July 25, 2013

Elder Martinez and Elder Packer - MTC

Elder Martinez and Elder Packer

Preston, England Temple
So I have arrived safley. It took forever and I am still in the same clothes that I wore when I left, but I am really excited to get started and to get learning on my new language. England is way more beautiful than I thought or what I saw in the pictures. Its very green and there are alot of cows every where. When we got here it was about 80 degrees and they were all mad because it was too hot and humid! I thought it felt great. Well I just needed to send you this email saying I was here safely and I miss and love you all. Oh, and the days that I can write everbody is wednesday, so look for my emails then. Bye, love and miss you all. Your son Poo. :)

Two emails in one day...
Well it turns out that on the first day you can email the whole day. As the day keeps going on more and more missionaries are showing up from all over the world we have people in our same room that come from Canada, Germany, Whales, also there are people in the mtc from China, Africa, and Australlia that are all serving here in Germany or in the U.K. It is really humid here though because it rains really all the time. but out of no where!!! Also I thought you might like to know that me and Elder Packer are companions for the six weeks that we are going to stay at the mtc. Tell everybody on missionary moms that it does work. Got to go, getting called to German class. Lots of love. Poo

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