Monday, February 17, 2014

Priviledged to have more time....

Well mom, its another transfer complete and Elder Helbig is going home. He has been a great companion! He is a very hard worker, and he is going hard until the end. He has been a great example to me on how to work hard your whole mission. But he has to leave and I have to get a new companion.  I will be in Augsburg for yet another transfer and I will be getting a new companion. His name is Elder Sponseller and he will be coming to work with me here in Augsburg. I am very excited to get to stay one more transfer in Augsburg because finally all the hard work that I have been doing in Augsburg is begining to pay off.

first, I just need to say that Iand my companions have worked so hard in Augsburg. We have worked to build the kingdom of God in this little ward in Augsburg, Germany. So many people have come and we have taught them, and many have gotten so close to being baptized like "R" or several others but all just could not make that commitment of baptism. As the transfers began to keep getting closer, I began to be really worried that I would not get at least one baptism here in the city of Augsburg. So, as these transfer calls came closer and closer, I began to be really nervous. I was not ready to leave Augsburg. I just needed one last transfer and I knew that I could get work done so long as I continued to work hard and have faith in the Lords time.

Last week I did not know here I would be going or if I would be staying, but regardless I was going to work as if it was my last week in Augsburg. I worked so hard on getting our two main investigators to a baptismal date. We met with "H", and we had a great lesson on baptism and also about confirmation. and at the end we committed him to baptism on the 15th of March and he accepted. I was so excited for him and that he was able to have that faith to do this. He has come to church every week and he has made so much progress. He is so ready for baptism.

Next we met with "J" again, and we have been working with him for weeks to help him understand the gospel of Jesus Christ, as well as about the atonement. Every appointment he began to be more and more receptive about the church, but more importantly he began to be more receptive to the spirit. This week I was in tears this lesson because I was pouring out all of my testimony to him and telling him with all the power that I had to tell him that he could be cleansed by the power of the atonement. I began to see tears roll down his cheeks. Then he said the best words that Elder Helbig and I could ever hear: "I must be baptized" he committed to be baptized on the 29th of March. I was so happy and was so thankful to my Heavenly Father this week for all of the blessings that Elder Helbig and I had received. I did not care if I left or stayed in Augsburg I was just thankful that I could see the progression in these two amazing people.

The call came on Saturday and I was told that I was staying in Augsburg. I was, and still am, very excited to stay one more transfer in Augsburg. There is still so much work to be done and I am happy to be apart of it here in Augsburg. 

I have learned so many things so far on my mission, and with Elder Helbig leaving it has shown me that the time flies faster than one would hope. It has shown me that I need to really keep staying focused on my work here in Augsburg and through out my mission. I have learned to love all of Gods children and to really know of Gods hand in all things. He is a God of miracles. Just when things get hard, every door has been slammed in your face, investigators have dropped you and nothing can seem to go right, He picks you up and tells you that through the Holy Ghost all will be fine. He tells you that this His work and He will not let you fail. Ever since I have left the MTC, I have come to believe in tender mercies. The Lord will give you spiritual and  uplifting moments to keep you going and to tell you that He is there for you. I know that I have not written about alot of hard moments on my mission to you, but there have been so many days were I wish I could go home and just go back to the comfort of my family and my friends. But then the Lord shows me His love for me and He helps me rise above it and overcome them. Sometimes with these tendermercies.

Mom, I can tell you with all of my heart that the Lord will answer your prayers as long as you stop to listen. We have to be willing to follow those answers. Please continue to pray to our Father in heaven and keep doing good. As long as you do this, good things will come to pass. Keep being strong and I will do the same. Everyday I am doing what the Lord will have me do, and working as hard as I can. I am just trying to do the best I can and I know that the lord has blessed me and our family because of it.

Keep going and keep working hard. I love you so much. More than words can describe. I will continue to be obedient as the Lord would expect nothing less from all of his missionaries. Until next week,
Your son, Elder Martinez

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